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Steve Muehler is a California Licensed Bail Bondsman (#1N13033) and is always open and ready to assist Attorneys and their incarcerated clients. Steve Muehler Bail Bonds has the resources and experiences that other Bail Bond Companies simply do not have. Steve Muehler Bail Bonds has multiple options that can get an incarcerated person out of jail quickly and efficiently. 

Steve Muehler Bail Bonds can easily provide Bail Bonds for the following:

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Drug Crimes

  • Federal Crimes

  • Domestic Violence Crimes

  • Most Misdemeanors

  • Most Felonies

Steve Muehler Bail Bonds' Financing:

  • Zero Percent Financing: Steve Muehler Bail Bonds offers Zero Percent (0%) Bail Bonds Financing for Installment Payment Plans for up to six (6) months with no hidden fees, extra charges, or taxes. 

  • 20% Discounts: Steve Muehler Bail Bonds offers a twenty-percent (20%), eight-percent (8%) of the Bond Rate, for those who have retained private counsel, are active union members, active members of the United States Military, and people who are 55-years of age and older (all with acceptable collateral). 

Steve Muehler Bail Bonds Collateral:

  • Steve Muehler Bail Bonds accepts the following forms of Collateral (but may not be limited to):

    • Real Estate​

    • Stocks, Bonds and some Private Investment Holdings

    • Life Insurance Policies

    • Car Titles

    • Motorcycles, Boats, Watercraft, etc. 

    • Jewelry

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Steve Muehler:

25350 Magic Mountain Pkwy

Santa Clarita, California 91355

Phone: (310) 463-5122


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