Steve Muehler is an experienced Bankruptcy Paralegal and assists private clients (individuals and businesses) and Attorneys nationwide to prepare and file for Bankruptcy. Steve Muehler can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Paralegal Services with respect to Bankruptcy Filings:

Bankruptcy Types:

  • Chapter 7

  • Chapter 11

  • Chapter 12

  • Chapter 13

Bankruptcy (Preparation & Filing):

  • We assist in the gathering of all necessary documents needed to prepare and file a Bankruptcy.

  • For Chapter 11 Bankruptcies, we assist in gathering asset information, prepare list of liabilities, detail any property owned and prepare monthly operating reports.

  • We assist in arranging for property appraisal(s), obtain credit reports, obtain proof of insurance and gather tax returns.

  • We perform ‘information gathering’ and complete legal research.

  • We prepare for Meeting of Creditors.

  • We assist in providing educating the debtor about the full Bankruptcy Process and assist with any questions (without giving any legal advice or legal consultation).

  • We assist in the preparation any motions.

Bankruptcy (Manage):

  • We assist in the review of bankruptcy plans for viability with any changing circumstances.

  • We assist in the management of bankruptcy plan compliance by tracking payments made and deadlines for lump sum payments.

  • We draft and/or review proof of claims and modifications.

  • We prepare correspondences with legal counsel, trustee and debtors.

  • We assist in the management of case issues such as claim objections, relief from stay, stipulations and drafting modified plans.

  • We manage calendar and court dates.

  • We assist in the management of debtor payments by handling delinquencies, missing payments and tracking wage garnishment or ACH Issues.

Bankruptcy (Discharge):

  • We assist in ensuring all payments have been made and no refund is needed.

  • We assist in ensuring debtor has completed debtor education course.

  • We assist in corresponding with the trustee for discharge date.

  • We run post-bankruptcy credit reports to make sure there are no lingering creditors.

  • We retrieve titles back from the trustee or banks.

  • We ensure wage deductions / ACH has been cancelled.


All Steve Muehler Bankruptcy Filings are Attorney Reviewed before being finalized!!



Steve Muehler is a bonded and a Registered Paralegal with the American Bar Association. Steve Muehler is authorized to prepare Bankruptcy Legal Documents in all Federal Courts Nationwide. Since this Firm is paid a "flat fee", it is our goal is to get you from start-to-finish as quickly and efficiently as possible, while providing the highest level of service. 

  • Bonded & Registered: We are compliant with the California Business & Professions Code Section 6400 pertaining to "Legal Document Assistants". Many others are not! Every member of this Firm is bonded & registered as required by California State Law. 

  • Flat Fee Pricing: The Legal Services Industry can be confusing. This Firm makes it easy by laying out all costs up front at the time of engagement. This avoids any surprises! 

  • Payment Plans: We allow you to break up costs so that you can still get the best available Paralegal Services without causing you any hardship. 

For a Custom Price Quote on the Legal Services you require, please call (310) 463-5122, and/or complete as much of the below Nationwide Bankruptcy Legal Services - Intake Form as possible (complete only the parts that pertain to you and your case) and email the completed Intake Form to









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