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Draft Incorporation / Formation Documents including Indemnification of the Officers / Directors / Managers and/or Members:

  • We check the name in the State of Incorporation / Formation (and resolve any name conflicts).

  • We prepare the Bylaws or Operating Agreement.

  • We prepare Incorporator’s Consent.

  • We prepare organizational directors’ consent or managers / members’ consent.

  • We prepare minute book.

Tax Filings:

  • We prepare and obtain EIN (IRS Form SS-4).

  • We prepare and file S-election (IRS Form 2553).

Stock Ownership Interests:

  • We prepare stock subscription agreements.

  • We prepare stock certificates.

  • We prepare stock ledger.

  • We prepare stockholders agreement.


  • We perform license research and prepare & file license applications.

  • We prepare and file foreign registration and qualifications.

  • We prepare and file dissolutions and withdrawals.

  • We prepare and file conversions.

  • We Setup, maintain, and track corporate governance requirements.

  • We create and maintain records of all foreign states containing important information and filing requirements.

  • We audit entity portfolio and provide comprehensive compliance report with current entity status from domestic and foreign jurisdictions.

  • We prepare and file annual reports for domestic and foreign jurisdictions.

  • We Create and/or update minute book summary sheet and foreign qualification spreadsheet as required.

  • Maintain Stock Transfer Ledger & Capitalization Tables.

  • We coordinate signatures.













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