• Litigation describes the proceedings between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right. Litigation includes activities before, during, and after a Lawsuit. This includes pre-litigation, pleadings, discovery, arbitration, trial and appeals. No matter the stage of your case or whether it is filed in State or Federal Court, we can assist you in your case from open to close



  • Before a Lawsuit is filed with the Court, pre-litigation activities should be engaged to resolve the conflict between the opposing parties. The most common method used to achieve this is through a Demand Letter that is written to the opposing party demanding that a party compensate a victim for economic or physical injury. Another important step in the pre-litigation process is to investigate the legal matter. We review all existing case documents both from the Court, and your own notes and events of the case. This information along with relevant legal research positions us to move forward with your case.


  • Discovery is the formal investigation of facts of a Lawsuit. During this stage, opposing parties exchange requests for evidence and information. It is during this stage that we would work closely with the opposing party to obtain critical information needed for further litigation of the case.



  • In most cases, the goal is to avoid trial due to the increased costs of litigation. Alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration and mediation can be entered into at any stage of the dispute. We can work with you and the opposing party to facilitate these communications.


Trial Preparation:

  • Once discovery has concluded, the Court will set a trial date. All of the work thus far in the Lawsuit has been for this stage. We will work with you to ensure you are properly prepared with a trial notebook of all the evidence, outline of events, and relevant information you will need to be prepared for trial. We understand that self-representation in Court is a daunting task, in cases where you want an attorney to represent you in Court, we can obtain an appearance attorney to appear in trial for you.



  • Once a verdict is passed down by the Court, the losing party may choose to appeal to a higher Court the decision that was rendered by a lower Court. We can start your appeal by preparing your Notice of Appeal, the Designation of Record to transfer your Court Transcript from the lower Court to the higher Court, and your Appellant Opening Brief.

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