Steve Muehler is an experienced Commercial Real Estate Transactions Paralegal and assists Attorneys and their Clients throughout the State of California. Steve Muehler can provide your Law Office(s) with the following Paralegal Services Support with respect to Commercial Real Estate:

California Commercial Real Estate Transaction (Basic Services):

  • Preparation / Drafting:

    • Contracts​

    • Leases

    • Subleases

    • Sales Agreements

    • Purchase Agreements

    • Estoppels

    • Landlord Consents

    • Personal Guarantees

    • Lease Assignments

    • Confidentiality Agreements

    • Lease Agreements

    • Lease Termination Agreements

    • Vendor Contracts

  • Transaction Experience:

    • All aspects of Pre- & Post- Closing of Real Estate Transactions​

      • Acquisitions​

      • Dispositions

      • Lender & Borrower Agreements

      • Escrow Agreements & Transactions

      • Real Estate Title (review)

      • Surveys (review)

      • Parcel Maps / Land Tracts / Plat Maps (review)

  • Prepare and/or Review Closing Statements

  • Drafting & Preparation of Evictions

    • Pay or Quit Notice to Sheriff Lockout / Possession

  • Tenant Insurance Review

    • Steve Muehler is a Licenses Insurance Agent in the State of California: #4093099

  • Request and Review Title Searches

  • Recording of Deeds (paper & e-recording)

  • UCC Searches & UCC Filings

  • Prepare Mortgage Loan Documents (Lender Side)

  • 1031 Exchanges

  • Loan Syndication Agreements & Loan Servicing Agreements

  • Capitalization:

    • Traditional Bank Financing

    • Bridge & Mezzanine Loans

    • Private Placements & Real Estate Private Equity​

    • REIT Formation

    • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Offerings & Syndication

  • All forms of Real Estate Civil Litigation (including, but not limited to):

    • Fraud / Non-Disclosure of Defects​

    • Property Damage

    • Lease Litigation

    • Partition Actions

    • Quiet Title

    • Title Defects

    • Disputes with Real Estate Agents and/or Brokers

    • Easement and Neighbor Disputes

    • Zoning & Land Disputes

    • Land Use & Development

    • Foreclosure

    • Commercial Landlord Tenant and Lease Disputes

    • Unlawful Detainer 

    • Condemnation

    • Enforcement of Purchase Agreements

    • ADA & First Amendment Access Issues

    • Creditor's Rights & Bankruptcy 

    • Environmental Issues

    • Unresolved Mechanic's Liens or Judgments


Steve Muehler cannot provide legal services to individuals. Steve Muehler can only provide Paralegal services to Attorneys in good standing with the American Bar Association, State Bar Association and Local Bar Association. If you are in need of Legal Assistance and you are not an attorney, you must seek the advice of an attorney. Please do refrain from emailing Steve Muehler with requests that are not made by a bona fide attorney in good standing as mentioned previously. 


Rates will be based on an Hourly Rate of $45.00 per hour plus expenses incurred including, but not limited to, postage and purchase of any special software necessary to complete task. Time to complete the job will be estimated and any projects estimated over $200.00 will require a TBD down payment. Steve Muehler Bills for Services Rendered each week. Steve Muehler requires a signed contract, which outlines the project details, prior to beginning any work. 



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Steve Muehler:

1055 West 7th Street

Los Angeles, California 90017

Phone: (310) 463-5122


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