Steve Muehler is an experienced Paralegal, with experience in California Electronic Recordings, who assists Attorneys throughout the State of California. Steve Muehler can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Paralegal Services with respect to Electronic Recordings:



Electronic document recording (or E-Recording) is poised to transform the legal industry. Not only does E-Recording help to save paper, but it also drastically simplifies the document indexing process. Although this legislation is still evolving, numerous states have laws in place that promote the use of electronic documents by giving them the same status as their paper counterparts.

Why is E-Recording Beneficial:

As with other forms of record-keeping, E-Recording is critical to establishing an archive of property records as well as other rights and entitlements. E-Recording also allows the recording office to process documents in a fraction of the time that traditional paper requires. While standard documents may take weeks, the turnaround time for electronic documents is typically days.

E-Recording comes with added peace of mind. While natural disasters like fire or flood might destroy physical records, your E-Recorded documents remain safe. Documents can be stored in the cloud and backed up in multiple secure locations. Lastly, E-Recording provides financial benefits because the process eliminates the cost of printing expensive copies and finding long-term storage space for cumbersome files.

How does E-Recording Work and Who can use it?

The exact process of E-Recording will vary based on the document type you’ve submitted. For this example, we’ll consider real estate documents. The standard process for physical documents includes both document origination and document recording. In the case of E-Recording, there are three possible recording methods (commonly known as ‘levels’).

  • Tier 1 – Acting as an extension of physical documentation, Tier 1 E-Recording occurs after everything is notarized. The documents are then scanned into the desired format and sent to the recording office for manual indexing.

  • Tier 2 – The process begins with traditional paper documentation which is then scanned. Next, we will create a separate file with all the information required for indexing the record. We then send the document (or documents) to the recording office.

  • Tier 3 – In this fully electronic recording method, no physical documentation is required. Documents are signed and notarized electronically. The recording office completes the searchable index and generates a viewable image.

Most E-Recording concerns documents pertaining to the Sale or Transfer of Personal Property and Real Estate.  Notices of Settlement, Tax Liens, Tax Sales Certificates, Lis Pendens, and IRS Liens are also eligible for E-Recording in accordance with Local, State, and Federal Laws. Our system meets the security standards issued by the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), ensuring your documents remain secure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost? Rates are listed below. Rates below are based off the documents being received by the cut-off time.

  • $50 – Standard (Submitted within 3 Days of Receiving Documents)

  • $70 – Priority (Submitted within 1 Day of Receiving Documents)

  • $90 – Rush (Submitted Same Day of Receiving Documents)

  • $20 – Additional Documents Recorded in Same Submission (Must be Same APN or Case Number)


All fees listed above are in addition the county’s recording fees and or taxes (if any)

Steve Muehler - Paralegal Service Fees will only be assessed if the county records or rejects the document submitted

We provide E-Recording Services for the following 36 California Counties:

  1. Alameda County

  2. Butte County

  3. Calaveras County

  4. Contra Costa

  5. El Dorado

  6. Fresno

  7. Glenn

  8. Kern

  9. Los Angeles

  10. Madera

  11. Marin

  12. Merced

  13. Modoc

  14. Mono

  15. Monterey

  16. Napa

  17. Nevada

  18. Orange

  19. Placer

  20. Riverside

  21. Sacramento

  22. San Bernardino

  23. San Diego

  24. San Joaquin

  25. San Luis Obispo

  26. San Mateo

  27. Santa Barbara

  28. Santa Clara

  29. Santa Cruz

  30. Shasta

  31. Sonoma

  32. Tehama

  33. Tulare

  34. Tuolumne

  35. Ventura

  36. Yuba

Steve Muehler provides Paralegal Services to licensed U.S. Attorneys and Law Firms Only. 

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