California Eviction Services for Landlords:

  • We prepare the Initial Notice (Three-Day Notice: “Pay or Quit”).

  • We have an operator got to serve the Notice to you occupant.

  • We prepare and file an Unlawful Detainer Case (Summons, Complaint, and Civil Case Cover Sheet).

  • We have an operator serve the Suit against the Defendant.

  • If the tenant(s) present an Answer to the Court, we will ask for a Trial Date for you.

  • If the Defendant files a Demurrer, or Files a Motion to Stay, or Evades Administration making up need to ask for a Posting Order from the Court, in any of these situations we will work with you to resolve these matters.

  • If the inhabitant does not present an Answer to the Court, we will get ready and record your Default Judgment.



After you Win your Case:

  • Judgment & Writ of Possession: We will set up the Judgment & Writ of Possession and record them with the Court.

  • Sheriff Lockout: We will then need to take your Writ of Possession to the Sheriff’s Department to compose the Lockout.

  • Locksmith: If required, we will facilitate and procure a trusted Locksmith to be available for your Lockout.

  • Monetary Judgment: We can set up a financial judgment for a judge to choose whether to re-compensate you the unpaid lease & expenses. Once the judgment is gotten, we can get a Writ of Execution and document it with the court.

Steve Muehler - Paralegal Fee's:

  • Unlawful Detainer / Eviction: $350 USD (plus court costs​​

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