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Steve Muehler is an experienced Copyright Paralegal who assists Attorneys throughout the State of California. Steve Muehler can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Paralegal Services with respect to Copyrights:


  • Prepare & Administer Copyright Registration Document Recordation

  • Track the Release and Publication of Materials required for Copyright Registration created and produced.

  • Draft correspondence and other written materials for review, as well as edits and reviews of documents / reports for accuracy, format and organization

  • Set-up policies and procedures for delivery of Copyright Materials and information required for Copyright. 

  • Prepare responses to Copyright Inquiries (when applicable).

  • Setup Copyright Recordation Management Database, as well as a Copyright Certificate Archive File. 

  • Correspond with U.S. Copyright Office regarding Copyright Registrations and Recordation issues. 

Copyrights (additional / specific):

  • Perform Copyright and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent searches online.

  • File DMCA Agent registration with the Library of Congress.

  • Preparing of Copyright Applications.

  • Preparing supplemental Copyright registrations.

  • Review and organize all Trademarks, Service Marks, Copyrights and Patents

  • Prepare an IP spreadsheet summarizing all pertinent information.

  • Create intellectual property e-files.

Copyrights (drafting):

  • Drafting of Copyright Assignments.

  • Drafting of Content Distribution Agreements.

  • Drafting of Notices of Copyright Infringement.

  • Drafting of Notices of DMCA Violation.

  • Drafting of Permission to Use Material Agreements.


Steve Muehler provides Paralegal Services to licensed U.S. Attorneys and Law Firms Only.

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Steve Muehler:

25350 Magic Mountain Pkwy

Santa Clarita, California 91355

Phone: (310) 463-5122