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Steve Muehler is an experienced Post-Civil Litigation Paralegal and assists Private Clients (Individuals and Businesses) and Attorneys throughout the State of California. Steve Muehler can provide you and/or your Law Office(s) with the following Paralegal Services with respect to Judgment Debtor Hearings (also see "Writs of Execution"):

If you win your case, the money the court awards you is the Judgment. You are the Judgment Creditor. The person or entity that owes you money is the Judgment Debtor. If you do not know what assets the Debtor has, you can ask for a Judgment Debtor Hearing. At the Judgment Debtor Hearing, you can ask questions about the Debtor's job, bank account, home, car, and other assets. This information helps you decide where to send the Sheriff to collect your Money (see "Writ of Execution").

During the Judgment Debtor Hearing, you can also examine a third-party that has specific financial information about the Judgment Debtor's Finances. For example, a real estate broker would have information on commissions owed to a real estate agent working under his license. 

What Information the Debtor May be Required to bring to the Hearing:

  • Driver License

  • Social Security Card

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Name & Address of Employer

  • Most Recent Paycheck Receipts or Stubs

  • All Bank Account Statements

  • All Real Estate Deeds for Property Owned by the Debtor

Note: to order the Judgment Debtor to bring this information, it must be detailed in the Subpoena. 

Getting a Subpoena:

We will prepare a Subpoena Duces Tecum that orders the Judgment Debtor to bring financial information to the Judgment Debtor Hearing. 

What if the Judgment Debtor Lives Far Away:

If the Judgment Debtor lives more than 150 Miles away from the Court where the Judgment was entered, it is a requirement to request a hearing at a Court in the County where the Judgment Debtor lives. 

The Judgment Debtor Hearing:

At the hearing, you can question the Debtor about his/her job, bank account, home, car, and other assets. The hearing is not recorded, so be prepared to write down the information you get. You can also ask the Judge to have the Judgment Debtor empty their pockets and you can take any cash they brought with them to the hearing!!

After the Hearing:

The information gained at the Judgment Debtor Hearing can be used to have the Sheriff collect your judgment. If you did not get information that will help you collect your money, you can try again. You are allowed to ask for a Judgment Debtor hearing every 120 days.

If the Judgment Debtor Fails to Appear for the Judgment Debtor Hearing:

If the Judgment Debtor fails to appear, you can ask the Judge to issue a bench warrant. A bench warrant orders the Judgment Debtor to contact the court to schedule a new hearing or the bench warrant will not be recalled by the court. You must pay the Sheriff a fee to issue the bench warrant.

All Steve Muehler Judgment Debtor - Legal Documents are Attorney Reviewed before being finalized!!


Steve Muehler is a bonded and a Registered Paralegal with the American Bar Association. Steve Muehler is authorized to perform Paralegal Services for all Federal & State Courts within the State of California. Since this Firm is paid a "flat fee", it is our goal is to get you from start-to-finish as quickly and efficiently as possible, while providing the highest level of service. 

  • Bonded & Registered: We are compliant with the California Business & Professions Code Section 6400 pertaining to "Legal Document Assistants". Many others are not! Every member of this Firm is bonded & registered as required by California State Law. 

  • Flat Fee Pricing: The Legal Services Industry can be confusing. This Firm makes it easy by laying out all costs up front at the time of engagement. This avoids any surprises! 

  • Payment Plans: We allow you to break up costs so that you can still get the best available Paralegal Services without causing you any hardship. 

To get started today, please call (310) 463-5122, and/or complete as much of the applicable Judgment Debtor Hearing Legal Services Intake Form as possible (complete only the parts that pertain to you and your case) and email the completed Intake Form to

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