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Securities & Blue Sky (pre-closing):

  • We prepare all Offering Memorandums for all Public & Private Securities Offerings.

  • We file all Offerings with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (non-exempt offerings).

  • We make all required Form Filings with the SEC for any Exempt Offerings.

  • We make all required filings with any of the states.


Securities & Blue Sky (form types):

  • Private Placement: Reg D, Regulation A+ Tier I, Regulation S, Family of Notes, PIPE & 144a

  • Public Offerings: S-1, S-3, S-4, S-11, 20-F, Regulation A+ Tier II & Reg S (foreign exchange listing)

  • Unit Registrations: S-6

  • Employee Benefit: S-8

  • Shares Registration: Form 10, F-1 & N-14

  • EB5 Offerings

  • Security Tokens Offerings

  • Delayed Offerings: 424B

  • Mutual Funds: N-1A

  • Closed Ended Funds: N-2


Securities & Blue Sky (Specialty & Fund Formations):

  • EB5 Regional Office

  • REIT Fund Formation

  • Hedge Fund Formation

  • Private Equity Fund Formation

  • Venture Capital Fund Formation

  • Offshore Hedge Fund Formation

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